Epic Cube Duels: Pixel Universe

Rating: 4.1

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Epic Cube Duels: Pixel Universe

Epic Cube Duels: Pixel Universe is a funny two buttons duel game for 2 players in which you have to shoot at your rivals to make them fall off the ground. Start very exciting matches of one on one duels and be the first shooter to kill your opponent five times to win. All you have to do is jump and spin your pixel arm to shoot at your enemy.

Earn lots of money to purchase new characters, such as a medic, a cold blooded gangster, a wrestler, a police man or many others. You can play this game against the CPU or challenge a friend to play on the same computer. Have fun playing Epic Cube Duels: Pixel Universe, another cool free online game on Silvergames.com!

Controls: W = jump, E = spin arm and shoot, I / O = player 2

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