Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer

Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer

Rating: 4.4
Rating: 4.4 (564 Votes)

  Rating: 4.4 (564 Votes)
Infinity Royale

Infinity Royale is a brutal game that you can play online and for free on If you enjoy walking around hitting other people to death with huge hammers or swords, you should go to a therapist or directly to jail. Thanks to the world of free online games you get a third choice: Play, a highly fun-addicting multiplayer online IO game, and release some anger beating the crap out of other players.

Collect coins and experience points to level up your character and go from a dumb caveman to a powerful armored warrior. Buy cool weapons to kill faster and collect blood to earn a higher level of health during your matches. Have fun with BrutalMania IO!

Controls: Touch / Mouse

Gameplay Gameplay Io Gameplay Battle Beating

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