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What are Brutal Games?

Brutal Games are very cruel and gory games that will make you question your own sanity. This category of especially bloody games is definitely not fit for the faint hearted so ask yourself if you can take in so much brutality before you start to browse this category. No matter if you are playing a first-person shooter with plenty of mutilations and violence or one of the Whack-It series, in which you trigger savage actions of death, you can be sure that all of them live up to their description of being brutal. So wait no longer but instead choose one of your favorite Brutal Games and play it online and for free on

Torture poor stickmen to earn money, kill your boss in countless ways or break into your neighbor's house to cut him up with a chainsaw. Grab a submachine gun and run into your opponent on the battlefield to shoot him or slit his throat without any consideration. This isn't just about death, but also about making your opponent suffer as long as possible before he goes over the edge. It's the perfect category to blow off steam - because then you can start your everyday life deeply relaxed again.

Here you will find games with real graphics as well as cartoon graphics that put the whole thing in a silly light. Do you really think you can kill your boss armed only with a keyboard? Just find out for yourself. If you're looking to blow off some steam and aggression, this is your category, so have fun with our Brutal Games, as always online and free on!

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