Crazy Pig Simulator

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Crazy Pig Simulator

Crazy Pig Simulator is a fun animal simulator that you can play online and for free on Check this out, you are a pig. Seriously, you are a pig that escaped the farm to start a new life full of adventures in the city. Ever wondered what it feels like to see the world from the eyes of a lovely pig? This is your chance to find it out and have fun while you do so!

In this Crazy Pig Simulator you will control a mad farm animal destroying all kinds of things and attacking people walking on the streets. Collect coins and make destruction combos to earn lots of points. Complete your missions and be amazed by the incredibly realistic movements of this dirty little creature. Enjoy Crazy Pig Simulator!

Controls: WASD = move, Space = jump, Enter / Left Click = attack


Crazy Pig Simulator: MenuCrazy Pig Simulator: Pig Gameplay CityCrazy Pig Simulator: Fyling Pig GameplayCrazy Pig Simulator: City Pig Walking

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