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What are Wolf Games?

Wolf Games are animal simulation and hunting games about the biggest predator in our forests. Be a big white wolf and hunt wild animals or raid human cattle sheds. Build a big wolf pack and try to survive the cold winters. Feed and protect your puppies until they grow up. Fight and kill rivals when they invade your territory. Or become a wolf yourself in our online wolf simulator game.

The gray wolf is the largest member of a canine family. These animals can be found mostly in the wilderness and remote areas of Eurasia and North America. There are also a lot of different wolf species, most popular of them are the eastern wolf, coyote and golden jackal. Wolves live and hunt other animals like moose and bison in packs or mated pairs. 

Here on Silvergames.com you can play the best online wolf games for kids and adults. Play together with your best friends in one of our free wolf multiplayer games and hunt deer and wild boar or fight against hungry bears and pumas. Care for cute puppies, breed huge white wolves and simulate the life of a wolf in the wilderness. Enjoy playing the best wolf games here on Silvergames.com!

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