Pig Games

What are Pig Games?

Pig Games are free animal simulator games for kids and adults where players have to guide a pig through a series of levels or become a piglet themselves. Build your own farm full of cute guinea pigs and throw a party for your little friends. Start painting funny Peppa pig pictures or try to eliminate all these pink creatures from the screen shooting angry birds. In all our online pig games on Silvergames.com, you will also be hunting evil pigs and fighting for survival in the wilderness.

Take care of your pink pet or become a crazy pig yourself and try to escape a barnyard. Some exciting adventures in the big city and in the wild world are waiting for you in our free pig games online. Control a mad farm animal destroying all kinds of things and attacking people on the streets. Help a cute little piggy to overcome all the obstacles on the course and collect as much money as possible.

Choose one of our free pig games online and turn a clumsy swine into a Ninja Pig. Create your own farm and breed piggies and other animals. Solve challenging puzzles and guide your pink character with a snout through every level. On our website, you can also throw a swine party with your friends.

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