Duck Life

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Duck Life

Duck Life is a free animal simulator game in which players have to train little duckling and take care of it. In this fun game on, you are given a duck that you need to prepare for the final race. Lead him through training exercises and build up its skills to swim, jump, run and fly. Make sure you don't run out of energy and enjoy the cool online game Duck Life.

Duck life is a small collection of free mini online games. Put your duck through the paces and make sure that it is faster, stronger and more nimble than all the other little ducklings combined. You will be judged in a number of disciplines: flying, swimming and running. Send your quacking disciple to training sessions after training sessions so that it is ready for the big duck race. During your training in the Duck Life online, you have to collect pellets to buy bird seed. You can choose between skill seed, that helps your duck skills improve, and energy seed, that will let you run, jump and swim for a longer period of time. As you compete in one duck race after another, your pet collects coins on its way to be the champion. Each new level needs your animal to have a higher rating in its disciplines. Drop into the water and dive deep, or run like crazy to win Duck Life!

Join in and play the best duck games for free, with Duck Life! Train your rubber duck for fun and send them racing to become the world champion ducky racer. Celebrate your athletic achievements by purchasing fancy hats, cool hairstyles and other custom items. Make your duck look as unique and amazing as a world class athlete. Have fun with playing Duck Life online.

Controls: Arrows = Movement, Mouse = Selection

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