Duck Games

What are Duck Games?

Duck Games are mostly hunting or survival games where you have to shoot or train the noisy waterfowl. If it walks and looks like a duck there's a good chance you're playing one of the free online games here on Guide these cuddly little guys with the big beak across a lake or river, or if you're more of a hunter type aim and shoot some game.

Ducks are a type of waterfowl, i.e. aquatic birds and related to geese and swans. They are considered to have a cosmopolitan distribution, which means that they are not native to one particular area, but can be found all over the world. Some have become domesticated and live with or near humans, while others are still wild and are often hunted for food or sport. In popular culture, famous ducks include the Donald Duck, Daffy Duck and Howard the Duck. Their cute and unthreatening appearance makes them suitable as family-friendly protagonists of their own comic books or animated series.

So if you like geese and ducklings or even like shooting birds, you should give these online duck games a try. They are free to play, and require no download or registration. Just some time puzzling away or a steady hand to aim and shoot at the ones trying to fly away. Have fun!

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