Papa's Pancakeria

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Papa's Pancakeria

There's nothing quite like starting your day with a warm stack of pancakes. That's where Papa's Panacakeria comes in. It's your job to get the warm, tasty goodness of pancakes into the hands of eager customers ready to feast! Add pieces of butter, berries, syrup and all kinds of toppings to your dessert. You need to hurry, though, as new customers will end up queing in your shop. But don't get too hasty, because you want to deliver a nice looking stack that makes people's mouth water, and not turn their stomach!

Invest your tips and earnings into growing your business until you have mastered Papa's Pancakeria! Have a try at the small challenges in between your working days to earn more points for you to use cleverly. How many customers can you serve at the same time and still have excellent service scores? Find out and enjoy Papa's Pancakeria online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


Papa's Pancakeria: Baking GamePapa's Pancakeria: Cooking GamePapa's Pancakeria: GameplayPapa's Pancakeria: RestaurantPapa's Pancakeria: Screenshot

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