Ragdoll Achievement 2

Rating: 3.7

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Ragdoll Achievement 2

Ragdoll Achievement 2 is a funny torture game with a very robust dummy. Conduct some weird experiments with your crash test dummy in this second sequel using a wide variety of hazardous weapons in order to complete all good achievements. Start with planting mines on the ground, so your dummy will make them explode as soon as touching them with his body. The explosion will make him be catapulted into the air and hopefully fall on another of your mines. Accomplish all tasks and earn money to buy new torturous objects.

How about putting some spikes on the side of the wall or using crossbows to aim at the dummy while he is flying? Put jumpers on the ground, so he will never stop moving. Make sure to always keep an eye on the tasks you have to complete, so the money keeps flowing. This game will guarantee to entertain you for many hours to come. Have fun Ragdoll Achievement 2 online and for free on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Mouse = Place Objects


Ragdoll Achievement 2: ExplosionRagdoll Achievement 2: GameplayRagdoll Achievement 2: ScreenshotRagdoll Achievement 2: Torture

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