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What are Dummy Games?

Dummy Games are awesome physics-based ragdoll games, sandbox simulators and exciting fighting, distance and running games that all feature a poor little dummy. They are often subject to random experiments and tests, acting as a human replacement and quite frequently end up completely destroyed. If you love experimenting with ragdolls or simply prefer to play with a dummy rather than a real human, then this category is the right one for you.

Make these funny looking ragdolls fly, fall, run and much more. In this fun category you will be able to blow off steam by setting one trap after another for the funny ragdolls and dismantle them into their parts. Here you'll be able to use bombs, spikes, balls, fire and all sorts of weapons to catapult the dolls from one side of the room to the other. 

If playing with human-looking avatars is too brutal for you, then this category is for you. Here you can twirl the virtual dolls in the air and give free rein to your destructive mania. There are more fun dummy games like Turbo Dismount, Sandbox Ragdoll, Striker Dummies and many more. Have fun with our cool compilation of the best dummy games, as always online and free on Silvergames.com!

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