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What are Crash Test Dummy Games ?

Crash Test Dummy Games are fantastic physics experiments and obstacle course, distance and torture games that center around a poor little dummy. Crash test dummies serve as models of humans and are often the subject of quite dangerous experiments and risky tests. After a crash test, these dummies are pretty much destroyed, so be prepared for violence and destruction. Here at you can find the best Crash Test Dummy games, so what are you waiting for?

Here you can test the composition of unsuspecting stick figures in 3D accident simulations. Those games are based on the iconic dismounting games and lets your inner sadist run wild. You'll have a ton of weapons and traps at your disposal, all of which will be used to make the little character's life as difficult as possible.

Fortunately, dummies don't have feelings, so you won't have to feel guilty if you saw them in half or intentionally drop them on a mine and make them explode. Throw them around the room, impale them, set them on fire or cut them into as many body parts as possible to learn something about the dolls' anatomy as well. There really are no limits to your imagination here, so have fun with this fun Anger Management exercise and our fun Crash Test Dummy games, as always online and free at!

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