Crash Test Dummy Games

What are Crash Test Dummy Games ?

Crash Test Dummy Games are awesome physics-based ragdoll experiments and obstacle running, distance and torture games that all feature a poor little radgdoll. Crash test dummies function as models of humans and are often subject to rather dangerous experiments and risky tests. After a crash test those dummies are pretty destroyed so be prepared for violence and destruction. Here on you can find the best Crash Test Dummy Games, so what are you waiting for?

Play the most popular one called Turbo Dismount. It starts with a mournful cello announcing the many painful collisions you are about to unleash on an unsuspecting stick figure. Based on the cult Dismounting games, these 2D variants of the original 3D stickman accident simulation lets you indulge your inner sadist.

Another fun one is Happy Room, a ragdoll torture game with tons of upgrades. Your objective in this bloody test room simulator is to cause as much damage as possible to the living dummies. Place all kinds of traps and weapons on the screen and try to complete all given tasks to earn money in order to keep buying and upgrading new equipment to be tested. There are more cool Crash Test Dummy Games like Jumpero, Falling Down Stairs, Ragdoll Achievement and many more. Much fun!

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