Rollercoaster Creator Express

Rating: 3.5

(1324 votes)

Rollercoaster Creator Express

Rollercoaster Creator Express is a super fun construction game that you can play online and for free on Build the perfect rollercoaster in this fun puzzle game, Rollercoaster Creator Express. Try to set the tracks in order to collect all stars in every level and get a better score. Build loops, curves and other fun stuff that will help you finish the stages.

It starts easy with you only having to build one straight line in order to collect all the stars. But the further you proceed in levels the harder it will get. Can you assemble the loops correctly so that the rollercoaster cart passes all stars? Find out now and have fun with Rollercoaster Creator Express!

Controls: Mouse


Rollercoaster Creator Express: MenuRollercoaster Creator Express: Gameplay Rollercoaster ConstructionRollercoaster Creator Express: Gameplay Building RollercoasterRollercoaster Creator Express: Rollercoaster Construction

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