Architecture Games

What are Architecture Games?

Architecture Games are exiting house building and contruction games which stimulate your creative mind. Babies love stacking things on top of another. When they grow up, some of those babies want to return to that simple pleasure and decide to get paid for it. That's what these architecture games are all about. We here at have collected the best free online games about arranging, placing and stacking materials to erect buildings.

Without architecture most cities would be rather flat affairs, with very little to look up to. Students of the art of construction are essential to creating multi-storied buildings in which to house not only people, but important institutions for an ordered and structured life in the busy urban centres that cities represent. Schools, hospital and courts would have to function on open fields, forest clearings or caves. It is on the shoulders of these giants, that you get to display your skills at both erecting as well as disassembling large components of a cities infrastructure. Maybe you will build a skyscraper or destroy a bridge. Architecture is not just a tool to build things up, it is also a great help in tearing things down again.

If you've ever felt that games like Sim City didn't delve far enough into the nitty-gritty of placing a building on an empty lot, or that having a bulldozer run things down skips over the most awesome part of the whole thing, then these architecture games are what you want to play. Enjoy playing the best free architecture games online here on!

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