Suicide Salaryman

Rating: 3.2

(129 votes)

Suicide Salaryman

Suicide Salaryman is a funny but rather violent platform game about an unhappy salarymen. No one is happy at work these days, but Karoshi's salarymen are hit the hardest, obviously. Totally cheerless, so many of them commit suicide. Help those poor guys in black suits to succeed one time. Suicide Salaryman is a crazy little game, in which you must find a way to kill yourself.

A little advice: spikes are sharp enough to slash you up. And the grey office shelfs are a great way to get squeezed. Once you proceed in the game you might also be able to use a gun or other helpful weapons. Do you think you will find a way to escape the office every time? Find out now and good luck with Suicide Salaryman, online and for free on!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = Move / Jump


Suicide Salaryman: MenuSuicide Salaryman: Gameplay SuicideSuicide Salaryman: Suicide Attempt GameplaySuicide Salaryman: Gameplay Puzzle

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