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Suicide games are funny adventure and point-and-click games about virtual characters, mostly stickmen, killing themselves. It might sound weird at first, but let us explain. It's not like our virtual heroes want to end their life. But sometimes the missions are so challenging and the levels are so hard, that even trying to accomplish them seems suicidal. Watch stupid ragdolls walking towards their death or maybe you can try to save them?

Play Russian roulette and if you are lucky - you will survive and your opponent will be the one to get a bullet in the head. Guide a crazy stickman across the street and don't let him get hit by a car or a truck. Try to get a very challenging series of levels in one of the platformers of the suicide game collection. Run and jump overcoming impossible obstacles and watch your character die time after time. Are you ready to end it all? Choose your weapon or invent a new strategy of virtual self-destruction.

Don't take these suicide games too seriously. Of course, killing oneself is not something to joke about. Nothing about these games is real. Just some cartoon characters made of pixels disappearing from your screen. All these funny and absurd killing scenarios are all about entertainment. Some of the death scenes are so absurd, that they will just make you laugh. Enjoy playing online suicide games on!

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