1 Player Games

What are 1 Player Games?

1 Player Games are solo or single player games that let you play without another player present. The top selection of the best online 1 player games here at Silvergames.com, is waiting for you to get started. No need to search the internet for other people to get a game of Solitaire going, just fire up one of our fun new single player games and get the party started. Start playing right away with our awesome range of card games and board games. Get the ball rolling with some classic fighting, shooting and car games.

Single player card games like Klondike, Solitaire or Freecell are very popular, because they are easy and quick to play. Sorting colors, even under a time limit, works best when you don't have to wait on other people. Some board games even have solo rules to allow people to play them on their own. An artificial intelligence provides a challenge to the player, giving you an opponent to beat with superior tactics and strategy. Most shooting games feature a 1 player mode, that emphasizes storytelling and exploration. Fighting games also offer a 1 player mode, in which players can train their fighting skills. You can memorize attack patterns and commit great attack combos to muscle memory.

The great thing about 1 player games, be they card games, solitaire board games or digital games, is that they can be played at the drop of a hat, if you have some time to spare.  They are a great way to pass the time until you're surrounded by friends again. Just hop in your fancy car or start shooting some bad guys. You can do all this and more, right here for free.

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