Bandit Games

What are Bandit Games?

Bandit Games are adventurous platform puzzle challenges, action-packed shooters and exciting police games that circle around those criminal characters who stand beside the law and don't care about rules and regulations. Break into every building to steal valuable objects, shoot down all the baddies or sneak around a strangers house to nick everything you want while no ones is watching. Here on you can play the best Bandit Games, online and for free.

In our online bandit games your task is to move and hide in the shadows. Perform a secret mission and don't let anyone hear or see you. Overcome all obstacles and collect coins to get rich as soon as possible. Control your bandit through each level and hide from the surveillance cameras. Even if it's illegal: you have to help your masked criminal to complete all the missions.

Play the great bandit games online and steal cars, fly helicopters and smuggle illegal goods. Invite your friends and play together with our best criminal games. Have fun with our collection of the best bandit games, as always online and free on!

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