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Treasure Games are precious mining, adventure puzzle and tower defense games that will make you search hard and reward you with a very valuable gift. Discover the gold digger inside of you and play our most popular Treasure Games online and for free on No matter if you are a mining master, a clicking pro or a puzzle guru, the objective is always the same: find treasures or defend it from greedy opponents in order to exit the game being the richest of them all.

The virtual world equips you with all sorts of abilities to outwit or fight your enemies. Treasure can take many forms - whether it's tons of gold coins, precious jewelry or magnificent diamonds, in these promising treasure games it's your task to find the way to it. Solve tricky puzzles, fight your way through hordes of enemies, jump from one platform to the next or combine items in your environment to get to the next level.

What's even better than making it to the last level? That's right, when there is a great treasure waiting for you to celebrate your success. So what are you waiting for? Find out if you have what it takes to take home the biggest prize and try out one of our expensive looking treasure games or play them all online for free at Have fun with it!

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