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Thief Games are mostly free adventure and puzzle games featuring criminals stealing different things. Heist a car and escape the police chasing you. Play as a tiny thief and sneak into apartments of rich people. In the online thief games on, you have to steal money and jewels using your skills and magic without being noticed. You can also play the role of a policeman and whack the evil robbers by shooting them. Play one of the cool simulator games and try to save your character from getting into prison. Play in the multiplayer mode and complete every quest with a little help from your friends.

In our online thief, games your task is to move and hide in the shadows. Accomplish a secret mission and remain unheard and unseen. Overcome obstacles and collect coins to get rich in the shortest time possible. Lead your burglar through every level and hide from cameras using all kinds of gadgets. Even if it's not legal, you must help the masked fool to complete all quests in our free thief games.

Play free thief games online and steal cars, fly helicopters and smuggle illegal goods. Enjoy our great collection of the best criminal games and invite your friends to play. You can also switch to the other side of the law and become a cop. Solve all the puzzles and make it alive to the end of every level.

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