Brick Games

Brick Games are puzzle and tile games in which you often use a ball to make tiles pop and disappear. In our top online collection of the best free brick games, here at, you can sink hours upon hours into the colorful work of bricks. Throw a ball back and forth between your paddle and the brick wall until the latter is completely gone. Bricks are often used for buildings, but to you they are obstacles to be removed. Match colors to become the breaker of bricks, if not chains. Or simply bombard them for fun until they crack on their own.

Our fun and addictive new brick games will let you crack, break and destroy tiles and bricks according to some simple rules. In some games you only need to find two matching tiles to make them disappear. In others you have to throw an object at them. You need to pay close attention to the angle at which you throw the ball. Pop the puzzle challenges of our top online brick games for free. Only the best brick players will be able to grab that high score.



Brick Games

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