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Brick Games are puzzle and tile games in which you use a ball to drop tiles, for example. In our great collection of the best Brick games here on you can easily spend hours immersed in the colorful tile world. Throw a ball back and forth between your paddle and the brick wall - until the latter is completely destroyed.

Bricks are often used to build houses, but for you they're just obstacles to get out of the way. Match the colors to become the blaster of the bricks - or even the chains? Or just bomb them until they crumble. Or fly through a brick wall at top speed to make the bricks bounce left and right and clear your path.

In our fun and addictive new brick games you can crack, break and destroy tiles and bricks. In some games you have to match two tiles to destroy them. In others, you have to drop them. Be careful from which angle you throw the ball. Crack the trickiest puzzles in our online brick games. Only the best players can get the high score here, as always online and for free on!

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