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TenTrix is a cool twist to the classic and popular Tetrix, presented by Silvergames.com and is online and for free. In this puzzle game, you get to place the figures wherever you want, without having them fall down the screen. Just drag and drop them to the spot you think would be perfect to complete a horizontal or vertical row. The game ends when you run out of spots to place your tiles, so be really careful and try not panic, since time doesn’t matter in this game.

The tiles might look familiar to you, if you ever played the all time classic Tetris. There is one major difference here though: the tiles won't fall down once you accomplished one row. They will stay where they were and you have to fill the gaps in order to create another vertical or horizontal row. Take your time and think strategically, or sooner than later your screen will be full and the game is over. Are you ready? Enjoy TenTrix!

Controls: Mouse


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