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What are Remove Games?

Remove Games are mostly puzzle games, in which you have to remove tiles, fruit, bubbles, blocks, balloons, cards and much more. There is nothing in the virtual world that can not be removed, no matter what it is. If you are the structured kind of person who likes things to be in order then this category is definitely the right one for you. But if you are a chaotic mess, you can still succeed here by just randomly removing things. Play fast and try to remove the requested elements as quickly as you can, to jump from one level to the next and be the winner in the end.

How about you start with the ultimate classic? Tetris is one of the most iconic and best-selling games of all time. Who can forget the jaunty melody running in the background as you drop blocks down the screen. All the while hoping to fill up a horizontal line to make room for all the other blocks still waiting to come down. If you are more into bubbles, then try Smarty Bubbles, a fun bubble shooter game. Who doesn't like to throw bubbles around? In the cleverly titled Smarty Bubbles you get to shoot bubbles across the screen, like in some bubble shooting game. It's your job to cleverly aim the next bubble on your cannon to hit the right collection of bubbles above you and remove them all. Or how about Bricks Breaking, a cool online puzzle game where you have to match colors to make bricks disappear. You start off with a screen filled with many colored bricks, which you can easily remove.

Another great Remove Game is Easy Joe, a funny point-n-click adventure game, in which your mission is to help Joe to see the world. Just click on different objects in the environment to remove obstacles. There are two episodes available, just chose one of them. Another great puzzle game with two episodes is Vehicles. This one is a physics puzzle game, where your main goal of all levels is removing all the dark vehicles. All other cars must stay! Click on a car to move. Then click on it again to stop it. Cars were not on your mind when you were first thinking of removing things, right? Browse through our great compilation of Remove Games and have fun playing them online and for free on!

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