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What are Bridge Games?

Bridge Games is a fun category of construction and destruction games that all circle around this structure that carries a railway or a road over a river or a valley. What would humanity do without those highly useful constructions helping us to reach our destinations way faster? Building a bridge is always positive as it connect two elements with each other and therefore creates a link. This can happen between tape marks just as well as between people. So in this fun category you can not only construct those bridges, you can also destroy them.

Start by building a bridge and play Cargo Bridge, a fun-addicting and challenging physics-based construction game. You have to design and build a stable brigde over the dangerous canyon. Use your workman to test your construction, move him over the other side to collect and transport all goods without crashing. Another classic one is Bridge Builder, where you have to build bridges as well. In this online bridge-building simulator you get to try your hand at being an architect.

Once you have had enough of building and constructing, you can start destroying them, isn't that much more fun? Try Bridge Tactics, an addictive destruction game. Your aim in this fun game is to place sticks of dynamite in the right spots and detonate them to bring down the bridge. Simply click with your left mouse button to put the dynamites, then hit Ready button to send in the enemy army. Browse through our great online compilation of free Bridge Games on and play other fun games like Stick Hero, Dynamite Train, SkyTrax and many more. Have fun!

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