Cactus Games

What are Cactus Games?

Cactus Games are fun platform and puzzle games, in which everything revolves around the often green spiky plant. Cacti are ideal for jump'n'run games, since they can be used as hurdles that the player has to jump over. After all, who likes landing on a shrub that is covered in spines and would most certainly cause excruciating pain? 

Cacti are known as low-maintenance houseplants, as they require little water. To survive, most species only need sun and a little water now and then. This is because cacti have a wide variety of habitats, from lowlands to high mountains, from tropical rainforests to steppes and semi-deserts to arid deserts. What all these places have in common is that the water necessary for survival is not available year-round, but only seasonally.

In our great collection of the best Cactus Games on, you will often find the spiky plants in the desert, where they are in the wild and a sign that you should promptly activate the jump function. If you are a fan of the funny looking cacti, just pick your favorite game here and have fun!

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