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What are Google Games?

Google Games are online mini-games for kids and adults featuring autocomplete and automated search suggestions. Play with the search engine and try to guess the search results. Have fun with colorful doodles play basketball with your best friend and find all of the hidden objects in our free google games. Go on the google homepage and look for the most searched phrases to win in one of these puzzle games. Easter, christmas or halloween themed games, google always has suitable games for everyone.

The most powerful search engine in the world is so ubiquitous, that it has even evolved into a verb and presents us with funny "doodles" every day. In the google games here at, you can play solitaire together with other casino games or find a huge easter egg. Secret missions and funny characters will provide you with a good time.

Each day billions of search requests are send,, find out which ones in our online google games. Ranging from granddad's coin collection to Susie's Salty Sauce Selection the countless pages of web content are scoured to get people what they are looking for. Among them you will also find classic google games like Pac-Man, Snake and many more.

Learn more about the most popular search engine and try to beat it in one of the free google games. Some clever tinkerer thought of using Google data to create fun quiz games or puzzle games.

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