T-Rex Games

What are T-Rex Games?

Ask anyone to name a dinosaur and chances are they'll name Keith Richards. But once they've stopped joking around, their answer will probably fall on the star of these T-Rex Games. The hobby paleontologists here at Silvergames.com have brushed off all the fossils they could find to piece together a collection of dinosaur-themed games that feature everybody's favourite, oversized carnivore with tiny forearms.

T-Rex (full name: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Teddy to friends) is likely the most recognisable and fearsome of the known dinosaurs today. Legendary for its size and often roundly mocked for what we assume must have been terribly tiny arms, its distinctive looks has shaped our popular consciousness as to what a real dinosaur ought to look like. Featured prominently in the Jurassic Park movie series, its lizard-like features have also inspired many fictional monsters such as one main character in the video game classic Rampage, in which a giant monster wreaks havoc in a city by attacking buildings and eating people. You know, as you would in any T-Rex games you could think of.

So if you would like to slip into the slithery skin of a huge carniverous predator, these T-Rex games, including some amazing simulators, should be your first pick. They're free, require no downloads or registration. Just stomp your way through the world and tear up anything you want to eat, or simply destroy. Have fun!

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