Jurassic World Games

What are Jurassic World Games?

If the water in your cup is starting to ripple, there's usually only one explanation: a T-Rex is hurrying towards you and it's time to get away! In these Jurassic World Games you get to either stomp around as a pre-historic, humongous beast.. or try to escape their hungry claws.

Based on the well-known movie franchise that began with Jurassic Park, these Jurassic World games feature all the elements you'd expect from a concept about reborn dinosaurs causing havoc and leaving behind a swath of carnage and destruction. Tapping into an almost child-like wonder and awe before those big lizards, most of these games are set in prehistoric times. Fight against the elements and engage in an epic struggle of survival of the fittest.

You can play as robot dinosaurs, hunt them in secret or just outrun them with these fun Jurassic World games. Don't forget, you don't need to buy a ticket to some remote island where your well-being can't be guaranteed. These games are free, and can be played without downloads or registration. Have fun!

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Most Played Jurassic World Games