Car Building Games

What are Car Building Games?

Car Building Games are racing and custom games in which you can assemble a car and its engine. Our fun online selection of the best car building games here at might remind you of playing Lego. Part by part you build a new model car. Get behind the wheel and drive along the tracks at top speed.

Choose the right wheels, engine and suspension so that your vehicle can drive over rough roads. Then send your new creation through a simulator to test it for resilience. Our fun and addictive car building games allow you to assemble your dream car. If you grew up with Lego, you'll feel right at home with our car building games.

Rebuild your favorite model and test it in one of our free online simulators. Pimp your car one more time, get in the car and race against other car engineers. How fast can you push your car? Find out now and have fun with our great collection of the best car building games, as always online and free on!

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