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What are Mechanic Games?

Mechanic Games are construction and engineering games in which you customize machines like trucks or diesel cars. Get your hands dirty with our top selection of the best free online mechanic games, here at Our fun new repairman simulator games let you puzzle, construct and build as much as you want. Maybe it's repairing a damaged vehicle, a rickety bridge or even a wild contraption with the sole purpose of moving an object form one end of the screen to another. 

Most free mechanic games focus on repairing cars and trucks. As you drive them, they fall apart and it's up to you to fix them again. Playing as an engineer you will make use of tools to simulate fixing your broken machine. Simply pick up your monkey wrench, some hammers and a welding machine and get to work. Our free online grease monkey games will keep your hands busy for a long while, as you create robots ready to face any challenge coming their way.

So put on your gloves and find out if you can get that old diesel engine running again. Learn how to fix a car, all wrapped up in exciting and fun games that will keep you entertained for hours. So what are you waiting for? Get started right away, because all this and much more awaits you in our fun and exciting Mechanic Games here on Have fun!

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