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What are Assemble Games?

Assemble Games are awesome brick building games, car engineering simulators, weapon building games, and construction games for your to play online and for free on If you love puzzle games but want to apply your skills in real life, these Assemble Games are exactly the right one for you. Learn how a gun is assembled or put together a whole car in order to race with it afterwards. Browse through our fun selection of the best Assemble and Building Games and find your favorite one.

Do you enjoy working on your car, taking out parts and trying fresh new ones to make the perfect racing machine? Here you can build various structures and vehicles, engineer the car of your dreams and make it the fastest one on the planet. Are you more into guns? You can also customize guns and rifles in our great Assemble Games. Test what would come out of an AK-47 grip, a 9mm frame and a 12 gauge barrel, for example.

No matter if you want to assemble cars, guns, or even robots, in our awesome collection of the best Assemble Games you will find what you are looking for. Try to build the perfect machine and go into war with it, shoot all your enemies, race like a maniac or be a super high developed robot. Much fun playing these games online and for free on!

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