Car Customization Games

What are Car Customization Games?

Car Customization Games are racing games that will let you tune and customize your own cars. No great racer in all of history sat on a run-of-the-mill, assembly line vehicle to drive to victory. They all tinkered with their set of wheels, which is exactly what our car customizing games allow you to do. Thanks to the tireless work of the mechanics here at, we're collected the most fun, and of course customizable, tuning-themed games the internet has to offer.

Customizing cars has a very long tradition going back to the very first automobiles, which broke down with such regularity that owners invariably had to learn to fix and improve their machines by hand. Even after toying with the engine stopped being a cost-cutting measure, hobby mechanics would tinker with their vehicles to change and improve all kinds of aspects about its performance. Sometimes it was just to increase the machine's top speed, it's handling, the time it takes to speed up from zero to 100 mph. Most driving simulator games (including these customize car games here) feature a garage section in which players can also customize both the look and the performance of the cars they will later be steering across the track.

So get ready to turn your hot rod into a driving machine that would put the entire Fast & Furious franchise to shame. Turn this mobile set of wheels into a powerhouse of a transportation device and make it look the part with these customize car games. Enjoy playing the best free car customization games online on!

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