Chainsaw Games

Chainsaw Games are fun killing games in which you'll have to cause as much destruction as possible, armed with a chainsaw. A chainsaw is a special saw whose cutting part is a saw chain. Often, chainsaws are powered by a gasoline or electric motor with compressed air or with oil pressure. The most commonly used chainsaw is the chainsaw, which is used especially for forest and woodwork. 

A chainsaw used as a weapon represents a particularly violent and barbaric action, as there is always a lot of blood flowing. With your chainsaw you'll be able to cut your virtual opponents into their body parts and make sure they are dead. In our fun chainsaw games you often run through the levels as a stick figure and attack other stick figures with your handsaw.

However, the chainsaw is not only used on enemies but also on wood or other materials. Cut up everything that is of no use to you and try to advance in the level. Browse through our fun collection of the best chainsaw games and find your new favorite. Of course, as always, online and for free on Have fun!

Chainsaw Games

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