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Rating: 3.4
Rating: 3.4 (120 Votes)

  Rating: 3.4 (120 Votes)


Dicewars is a gripping multiplayer IO game that involves the capture and conversion of as many blocks as possible. The primary objective is to try to color the entire map with a randomly assigned color. This is accomplished by moving across the grid and enclosing a specific area with your trail. Once an area is fully enclosed, the blocks within the defined square automatically transform into your color, effectively expanding your territory.

Although the fundamental mechanics of the game may seem straightforward, introduces an intriguing level of complexity with the inclusion of other players in the same arena. These other participants are attempting the same color conquest, and players must be wary of their movements. It's crucial to evade encroachments from other players while also strategically trapping them within your squares. This forces them to crash into you, thereby eliminating them from the game. Despite the intense and competitive nature of the game, a careful and thoughtful approach proves beneficial over impulsive movements. With strategy and precision, players can navigate the dynamic landscape of, aiming to dominate the arena. The true test lies in whether a player can rise above the competition and establish their color across the entire grid. Good luck with, a free online game on!

Controls: Arrow Keys

Gameplay Expanding Multiplayer Snake

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