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Empire Games are are building and strategic war games where you have to build, manage or defend an empery. Be the emperor of the Roman Empire and defend your state against intruders. Start wars against neighboring states and conquer foreign lands. Play the best empire board games online on Silvergames.com and show your friends your strategic skills.

Our free empire building games will help you find out if you can take on responsibility for an entire kingdom. Play popular games like Age of Empires or Goodgame Empire online and become the king of a huge state. Will you be able to defend every province against enemy armies? Will you lead your realm into a new age? Build and trade online with other players. Defend your people and collect resources to become the richest king in the world. The most famous emperors in history lived hundreds of years ago. They built their empire, went to war and then left their possessions to their heirs.

So, what are you waiting for? Build your own empire in the world of cupcake sales. Or create a powerful army, attack your enemies and become one of the most feared emperors in the world. It is surprising, how closely related these two things can be. Free of charge and without any downloads or registration. Have fun!

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