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What are Crocodile Games?

Crocodile games are simulator and hunting games about reptiles with big teeth, who live in the water. Explore your surroundings as a dangerous crocodile with our top selection of the best fun crocodile games here at You can even go on land and start attacking entire cities for fun and a few points. Will your leather-skinned friend with the big jaw score enough points to win? Try our online natural selection games for kids and find out how awesome it is to be a big and scary crocodile.

Play Crocodile Simulator, become a crocodile and hunt down humans and other animals. Move around the bay looking for your next meal and use the strength of this natural killers. Try to achieve the goals shown on the top of the screen to level up and become more powerful. Or how about Wild Animals Zoo Simulator, an awesome destruction game. Bring chaos to the city controlling the most dangerous wild animals to earn lots of points. Attack people walking around, destroy buildings, cars, walls and everything you can.

In our free online crocodile games you get to experience life as a predator hunting its prey in the water. Lunge forward to grab your food with your big pointy teeth. Despite their size most crocodiles can be terrifyingly quick once they've picked up the scent of their next meal. You get to control their movement and decide when they should attack their opponents. Show off your reflexes and thirst for blood in our addicting free crocodile games. Our top games about crocodiles are sure to be the best way to spend time in the ocean without getting wet.

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