Dinosaur Simulator 2

Rating: 4.3

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Dinosaur Simulator 2

The dreadful dinosaurs are back for more violence and explosions. Dinosaur Simulator 2 is the sequel to the cool Online Multiplayer Dinosaur Simulator Game, so you know how it goes, right? Pick a dino and go terrorize the city killing humans, destroying buildings and cars and roaring your way through the streets. The more chaos and destruction you cause, the higher your score and the more creatures will unlock, so don’t stop the mess and act like a real prehistoric monster.

Choose one of the massive creatures and make your way to mindless destruction. There are absolutely no rules to this fun game other than to destroy everything and everybody crossing your way and for you to have as much fun as possible. Are you ready to cause some chaos? Find out and have fun with Dinosaur Simulator 2, a free online game on Silvergames.com!

Controls: WASD / Arrows = move, Space = attack


Dinosaur Simulator 2: Animal SimulatorDinosaur Simulator 2: DestructionDinosaur Simulator 2: GameplayDinosaur Simulator 2: Screenshot

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