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Lion Games are animal simulator games about hunting and fighting in the mountains or the Savannah to feed your family. In our free online collection of the best new lion games, here at, you get to proudly wear that mane and majestically pounce on your enemies. Explore the wilderness around you and prove that as a lion you are still king of the desert. Our top fun online simulator games for kids have you take on the role of a four-legged animal that is feared and respected throughout the land.

Play Lion King Simulator, a cool wild animal simulator. Live a day in the life of a real wild lion, running free across the jungle and hunting other animals for your family to survive. Or even find yourself in a tough situation having to confront a very angry elephant, a rhino or some other threatening beast. Or how about Wild Animals Zoo Simulator, an awesome destruction game. Bring chaos to the city controlling the most dangerous wild animals to earn lots of points. Attack people walking around, destroy buildings, cars, walls and everything you can.

Play the best free online lion games for kids and enjoy being the apex or alpha predator of the jungle. As a lion you get to hunt prey to feed and feast on, after chasing it around for a while first, of course. Sometimes you will have to fight rivals to prove you are still the strongest beast there is. Wander around the beautiful landscape of the Savannah or explore animal life through the eyes of a mighty mountain lion. Our free new lion games are easy to play and full of fun challenges. Have fun!

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