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Animal Hunting Games are shooting games where you have to hunt animals with all kind of guns. Love hunting? Here on, we have an open hunting season all year round! All you have to do is to choose one of our amazing animal hunting games. All our hunting games are free and can be played without download or registration.

Animal hunting has a long history, people have been hunting different animals for meat and fur since the stone age and even earlier. In the medieval age, hunt was available only for upper classes of society. Most popular animals to hunt are deer, hear, rabbit and duck. In Africa trophy hunters still shoot lions, giraffes and zebras. Hunters usually kill animals using fire guns and rifles but also bow and arrows. 

Hunting is a very bloody hobby but don't worry, in our Free Animal Hunter Games Online no one will get hurt. Here you can choose a weapon and hunt all kinds of birds and animals and even go on a hunt for a huge dino! Aim precisely and try to hit every target with a first shoot. You can also go on a safari and take pictures of every exotic animal you see. Such cool animal hunting games as Jurassic Sniper, Master Archer, Dinosaur Hunter and many more are waiting for you in this game category. Enjoy playing the best free online hunting games here on!

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