Worms Zone

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Worms Zone

Worms Zone is another fun-addicting online game about worms, with cute graphics specially suited for kids. Customize your worm, enter a huge field full of other worms and slide around looking for food and power-ups to grow as much as possible. Try to eliminate other worms making them hit your body with their head and absorb all the food they leave behind. The larger you are, the easier it gets to kill other worms, so eat as much as you can and get on your enemies’ ways. Complete tasks and level up to unlock new options!

Collect points and proceed in the levels, so you can choose even fancier skins for your worm and show everybody on the field, how far you have gotten. Be quick to eat up the left overs of the dying snakes and grow even more. You must be the fastest, smartest and most skillful snake to be the last one standing. Have fun with Worms Zone here on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Mouse = move, Click = speed up (lose mass and points)


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