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What are Egg Games?

Egg Games are mostly fun games about the adventures of eggs or the development of animals. Help a surprise egg to survive between hungry babies. Take care of dragon or dinosaur eggs until the little monsters hatch. Fight online against your best friends in a multiplayer egg shooter. Be god and control sperm on his way to the egg cell. Or play the best Google easter egg games here on! 

Eggs can be used in many ways. Eat them for nourishment, with salt for breakfast or as scrambled eggs for lunch. Some animals hatch from eggs, even. Those mostly come from birds or reptiles, though. Parents protect and warm them until they're ready. And they themselves eventually do the same. So you do occasionally wonder: Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Maybe you'll find the answer in one of our online egg games.

Here on you can play the best free Egg Games ever created. Eat, hunt, shoot, fight or take care of eggs. There are awesome and funny Egg Games including Shell Shockers, The Farmer, Eggs and Cars and many more. Just browse through our fun compilation and play your favorite game as often as you want. Enjoy!

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