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What are Evolution Games?

Evolution Games are simulator games about evolving animals and the development of living organism. Feed and evolve a monster and check its development and survivability in exiting online fights. Control a tiny moving cell which becomes a big hungry shark and show the power of animal evolution in practice. Or change the genes of humans in your lab and create dangerous mutants. The plotting biologists here at Silvergames.com have put together the best free evolution games you can find online.

Evolution describes the process of passing on certain qualities to your progeny, in order to help them adapt to future circumstances. Often confused with Darwin's rhetoric of survival of the fittest, this process is actually a neutral description of human and animal undergoing changes in response to their environment. Sometimes this happens in order to avoid natural predators, thus making it more likely that certain specimen will procreate whereas the others will fall prey to the predators hunting them.

But since random acts of bad luck and accidents happen all the time, it might not be a conclusive argument as to why certain changes catch on, while others die off as soon as they are developed. All that said, these simulators and evolution games are less interested in the finer points of 19th century science, but instead on characters and civilizations led by you. React and change to the challenges posed to you by the evolution simulation game, and watch your characters grow, expand and evolve into something fierce and impressive. So get ready to move past the limitations of your origins with these animal evolution games. Fight against sharks, monsters, dragons and your natural enemies, an environment that is out to get you and simply bad luck. Change is inevitable, and change is good!

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