Fairy Games

Of all the mystical and magical creatures we associate with myths, fairies may be the most emblematic of them all. In these Fairy Games you get to surround yourself with them, engage them or maybe even be them for a short while. While we here at Silvergames.com are busy waving our scented handkerchiefs, you get to enjoy these games for free!

Fairies are assumed to have originated in European folklore, and in close relation to nymphs and spirits. While nowadays often thought of as friendly, well-meaning and benevolent, there are some variants (most notably the Irish fae) which are mischievous or downright hostile towards humans. These fairy games focus on the mostly benign and enchanted beings that are inherently magical and kind. As you enter their wondrous realm you get to experience the natural world in all its pre-industrial beauty. You will find yourself returning to a simpler time, where good and evil was easily distinguished by the color of their hats.

Pick up your favourite satchel of sparkling magic dust and fly away with these fairy games. Enjoy the colourful and whimsical adventures of these free games. Don't forget you don't need downloads or registration to have fun here! Enjoy!

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Most Played Fairy Games