Fire Truck Games

What are Fire Truck Games?

Fire truck games are driving simulator and action games about a firefighter's most recognizable vehicle. Drive them to where they're needed as fast as you can to save lives. Our great selection of only the best online fire truck games will let you take on fun challenges for free.

Drive the big red fire engine to the wherever you are needed and blast the flames with water. Play our free fire truck simulators to park your staff, equipment and water reserves are where you need them to be to fight the flames. A modern fire engine has many different tools like ladders, first aid kit and ventilating equipment. Children of all ages love to play with them, as they appear in many books, cartoons and, of course, online fire truck games.

Park your engine or land your helicopter exactly where it needs to be in time, to get a high score. Earn points and become a real hero saving lives and entire cities from the fire!

Most Played Fire Truck Games