Firefighter Games

What are Firefighter Games?

Firefighter Games are simulator and action games about dealing with fire threatening people and homes. Grab a hose and blast water at the ravaging blaze around you. In our free online firefighter games you get to save people from life-threatening situations, put out huge fires and skillfully park big trucks for fun. You can play a brave hero in our best new firefighter games suitable for kids and adults alike. Like in a board game you have to rescue as many people and animals as you can.

Manage your water reserves when playing our exciting free firefighter games and simulators. Use water wisely to put out flames and win the game. Your brightly colored firefighter must keep the fire in check with their equipment. But you will have to do it fast, before it all turns to ash and you lose. Speed your fire truck through traffic to get to the scene in time. Make sure you don't destroy more property than you can save, though. Keep your tanks loaded with water, and find a hydrant if necessary, to keep the fight going. Like in a board game, you will benefit from planning your moves in advance to save as many people as you can. It's always fun for kids to play a hero, and there's nothing more brave and heroic than rescuing people.

Fires can spread in a house, factory or a forest in these natural desaster simulators. You will have to handle averse circumstances in our fun online firefighter games for kids. Use your fire truck to stop everything from turning into a desolate ruin. A brave firefighter will always help when things go up in flames!

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