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What are Fitness Games?

Fitness Games are super fun working out games, that will keep you in shape without even having to stand up. Doesn't that sound like a dream? If you want to live a long and happy life, you should pay attention to your physical fitness and do a lot of sports. Whether you lift weights in a fitness studio, play team sports games like soccer or basketball or just like to do a morning running, everything that leads to a better fitness - is good for you! And it is even better now that you can do it from the safe space of your laptop.

How about you start by jumping on a virtual trampoline? Flip Master lets you keep jumping towards ridiculous heights, as long as you keep showing off fancy spins, rolls and flips. Or how about Douchebag Workout 2, a funny game about becoming the coolest and fittest dude in town! Are you sick to death of people who laugh at you? Start to do some workout and rehab to strengthen everything to become the ultimate douchebag. Solve life's supposed problems by just working out and becoming a beefcake. Easy, right?

Here, on you will find the best free online Fitness Games which may inspire you for a regular sport activity. If you prefer to play in a team then check out our team sports games. If you'd rather complete your fitness program working with a personal trainer in a fitness club - the game Fitness Workout XL is perfect for you. No matter which discipline is your favorite, you will find it here in our great compilation of Fitness Games, online and for free on! Have fun!

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