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Frenzy Games are super funny and cute time-management games, in which you have to take care of all kinds of places, like hospitals, restaurants, farms, airports, schools and many more. Do you think you have great multi tasking skills and can get along well with all your employees? Then you are prepared well to be successful in our great category of the best Frenzy Games. There are plenty of episodes for you to choose from, so just have fun!

How about you start with the most popular one, in which Frenzy has to manage a farm! Farm Frenzy 2 is a fun addicting clicker farm managing game in which you have to grow your own little agriculture business. You have a couple of chickens and a truck to go sell their eggs to the city, what else in the world would you need to become rich? Well, maybe some more stuff, but you’ll get there!

Another great one is Hospital Frenzy 3, another sequel to the fun hospital management game. And again, you have to manage the daily business in the frenzy hospital. Meet and greet patients and help them to get to right spot in Hospital Frenzy 3. It's up to you, if everyone will be treated well. There are other fun Frenzy Games like Frenzy School, Frenzy Hotel, Frenzy Cruise, Frenzy Pizza, Frenzy Clinic, Frenzy Babysitter and many more. Much fun!

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