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God Games are free adventure games where players are equipped with supernatural abilities and have absolute power over their character. Start a war and take over the control of the whole world in our best god simulator games online. Become a doodle god and combine different objects to create some new ones and rebuild the whole universe. Turn a frog into elephant and see what happens when you combine water and wind. Play our amazing games for kids and adults on Silvergames.com and start fighting with other greek gods. 

Play free god games online and creat humans and all the things in the world. Enjoy the total control over a poor ragdoll or any other character and torture it the way you like. Create everything, starting with four basic elements in one of the alchemy games. Unlock new puzzles and challenges, make your way through creations by mixing all the substances and elements on Earth.

Feel the incredible powers and create a perfect utopia or the whole new world in our free God Games online. Throw flashes of lightning and battle other gods on the Greek Olymp. Set traps for the helpless dolls in the chamber of death and conduct crazy experiments. Use your magic powers to overcome all the obstacles on your way to the finish on every level.

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