God's Playing Field

Rating: 3.6

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God's Playing Field

God's Playing Field is a super fun destruction game, so may the mayhem begin! Have you always wondered what it may be like to be God and decide over live and death from the safe distance of heaven? You are a visitor coming into God's office to request your friend's reincarnation but instead you end up on God's computer playing the earth like it's a computer game. Or is it actually a game?

In this first game you must bash everything in berserk rage. Smash cars, kill stickmen and other weird creatures as you continuously gain money to purchase new weapons at the shop. How about a lightening, a poison cloud or a couple of pianos dropping on your victims? Choose how many enemies you want to eliminate and get ready for complete destruction. Much fun with God's Playing Field, online and for free on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Mouse


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