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Impostor Games are exciting social deduction games in which you must either unmask the cheater in a group, or keep your own identity as the impostor a secret. Most of the time, the roles are randomly assigned at the beginning of the game, so you can't choose whether you are the impostor or someone else is. Can you sneak around your teammates without anyone catching wind of it?

Most Impostor Games are based on the popular Among Us game, which has been on the market since June 2018 and is played by people all over the world. Here, players take on the role of factory workers who are armless colorful cartoon characters in space where they kill each other. Once the group suspects a player of being the cheater, he is eliminated by a majority vote.

A cheater must perfectly master the art of deception, because that's the only way he can remain undetected. This is also the case in our collection of the best Impostor Games. Act prudently and count on the fact that one of your teammates could come around the corner at any time. To find the other cheater, you need to be observant and have a razor-sharp mind. Can you play both roles? Find out now and have fun with our collection of the coolest Impostor Games, always online and free on!

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